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Our bond... I'll never let it go: RTN Sasuke VS Real Sasuke (Comparison & Pro-SasuSaku Theory) →



A lot of people use RTN Sasuke as an anti-SasuSaku argument, saying that the real Sasuke will obviously never love Sakura if his alter ego does, because “everyone in that dimension is the opposite of their Real Self.”

Well, let me clarify one thing.



RTN Sasuke doesn’t love Sakura at all!



RTN Sasuke is a player and a flirt.

Let’s compare Illusion versus Reality.

RTN Sasuke is playing Sakura. To him, she’s “just another one of his fangirls,” something to pass the time. Not too shortly after he gave her the rose, he went to indulge himself in the company of other females.

Now, we know that the Real Sasuke has never been the flirty type, in fact, he’s never really been social at all. But Real Sasuke has treated Sakura with more care than any other girl. He’s never tolerated anyone to invade his private space, except her. Tell me, how many times have they held hands? Sasuke leaning on Sakura during the Chuunin Exams? Sasuke carrying her to Pakkun, telling him to take care of her, with a tender expression on his face?

Sakura has always been the one exception, she’s always been allowed more physical proximity than anyone else. (Take Karin, for example).




This “no contact” policy goes against RTN Sasuke’s principles. That bitch likes all the girls touching him. 


Moving on, RTN Sasuke said something along the lines of, “I’ll always be on your side.” Basically, telling her that she can rely on him, but not being honest about his display of affection, seeing as he went and said the same thing to another girl later on. 

Oppositely, Sakura has always been able to rely on Real Sasuke. He was the one to notice that she was acting strange before the Chuunin Exams—not even Kakashi, their teacher, did. He paid her a compliment because she didn’t have faith in her abilities, and it cheered her up. 

Plus, he’s always protecting her. The newest manga chapter (632) only reaffirms the fact—Sasuke is always rushing to Sakura’s aid whenever she’s in trouble. 

Finally, if RTN Sasuke is always moving on from girl to girl, this means that Sakura doesn’t actually mean much to him. This goes against the events in the Real World, where Sasuke has stated that Sakura is one of his precious people. He cares for her deeply but subtly, which is the opposite of his alter ego (shallow and short-lived attraction, like a booty call). 

In the RTN world, Sakura is not Sasuke’s “only girl.”

Which means in the real world…

She is.  

So, anti-SasuSaku shippers, rethink your arguments. I’ve just proved that RTN Sasuke doesn’t love Sakura, and by your logic, since he is Real Sasuke’s opposite, that automatically legitimises that the actual Sasuke does love her.

Take that!

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