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Ehh I knew my url would bring me some hate especially after the sopposedly SK moment today, even though I don’t take those kinds of fools errr anons seriously, it does bug me how personal they get. Like how low can you go if your sending death threats or mocking someone’s heritage. Woooooowwww maturity difference?

//end rant.

"SasuSaku Month shall never end for me."

every SasuSaku fans.

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"The eye that reflects the heart."

Anonymous asked: Did you catch Karin humping sasuke?

LMAOOO yea, that’s so romantic lol

Anonymous asked: OMG Sasuke's little smile on the new episode *-* Sakura's such a lucky girl :P And that lunatic bitch Karin, wtf? She has issues for sure -.-

He’s sexy as fuuuuuuuuuuudgeeeee ughhh ♥️♥️♥️ & yea she’s something else haha

”The Last Naruto the Movie”


So…I was watching the trailer of the movie (x)

And then I see this: 


What do you SEE in the picture?

I see Sakura and Hinata….. and Sakura said this:


and Hinata this:


I found it curious beacause they are having 348298302498342098043 panels they put THOSE PANELS. I don’t know if you get me. 

Why choose just THOSE scenes of Sakura and Hinata? My opinion is that they relate to the couples and their appearance is confirmed.

My favorite thing about the Japanese SasuSaku fandom


*Sasuke holds Sakura with intense eye contact*



うちはサスケ x 春野サクラ


Day 29: Tattoo…

ANBU initiation…


SS Month-Day 31: Three Wishes

I have no idea what was the thought process behind this….I maybe thought “three wishes”, therefore “genie”, therefore “a thousand and one nights”?

Oh well here’s an arabian AU.

Anonymous asked: Any more ideas / news about the trashcan chronicles?? I think that post was one of the biggest SASUSAKU PROOF I HAVE EVER SEEN. I'M SUDDENLY CHOKING. SH*T. You do agree right? Ms. Semi so beautiful and wonderful... <3 (pokerface but dying in deep SASUSAKU FEELS)

To learn more about that you should ask baasma (the creator) about it herself & that’s not the only “great” proof there is lol

I’m still not over it tho ♥️♥️♥️