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Look at that proud-as-shit smirk.

Another one of my creations, a SasuSaku bowl! I told you I create to the max haha I love the result!

——AND one lucky follower will be lucky enough to have it [painted of course] in thanks of reaching another follower milestone! ♥️ :)


sakura is not having any of ur bullshit today

Once more


Quick doodle of Sakura and Sasuke dressed as their seiyuu, Chie Nakamura and Noriaki Sugiyama


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Sakura Doodle Attempt ;^; 

For rawrrsakura


SS+SK au in which we have
doctor!saku + police officer!sasu
mobster!sui + police officer!karin

(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Anonymous asked: Burn!

Heh I try.


READ BEFORE YOU SPEAK PLEASE: YES! I KNOW THIS IS IMMATURE , CHILDISH AND HORRIBLE BUT: I didn’t want to bash sasuke since he’s my favorite character! so sorry to those who like sakura but I don’t and I hate ss as well!! it had to be done!!

those who want to be butt-hurt whiners about this picture will be BLOCKED. you have been warned!!

NOTE: this is NOT in favor of naruhina OR narusaku. this picture is just my feelings on sakura and ss. THATS IT. NOTHING MORE, NOTHING LESS.

I always let people speak their opinions and share what’s on their mind even though it may be against my otp and such but this drew the line. Okay you don’t want Sakura with Sasuke but posting this won’t help AT ALL. IT IS IMMATURE and it’s disgusting. SasuSaku is not an abusive ship, this pic, however, IS abusive. If you don’t want anyone to “butthurt” you little 2 year old ignorant fool, I warn you tag this properly because I don’t want to see this in the tag. With that being said, go ahead block me, if that’s what it takes to not see shit like this again!