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SasuSaku Month: Day 14 - His Side of the Story
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Sorry it’s late! D;

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SasuSaku Month 9/?


Sorry it’s so messy and the coloring is sloppy. I was really sleepy lol


Marriage Version ~ I can’t design for shiiiiiiiiiiizzzz x[


I’ll go far for you ♥️


Been wanting to draw this since I read that chapterrr

Anonymous asked: Sasuke has to be with Sakura. She is the only girl he's really opened up to.

Of course, he’s not finished with her yet *lol that sounded dirty* ahem! Yes, remember when sasuke explained he had TWO goals when team 7 had their introductions. Well one of them was to RESTORE HIS CLAN. Who else but Sakura right?? I mean come on.

Anonymous asked: When ss become canon (which we all kno it will) what will happen to this blog?

Good question…..

I’ll keep it up to remind people how it was worth waiting for my otp and share the moment OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER *pauses* AGAIN! Mwahahahaha *cough cough* sorry but it’ll still be here don’t worry anon 😆

pinkchidori: besides ss?

Naruhina :))

Anonymous asked: Have you gotten any hate due to the recent chapter

Surprisingly no! :0 ASSs’ know they ain’t about that life lol